Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Princess Is Dead!

Princess Amelie of the small European Town of Amborix has been murdered by a curse!

Non-magical Princess Amelie of Amborix was murdered in her hotel suite early Tuesday morning. Because of the nature of this case the FBI was called in to solve her murder. After carefully examining the crime scene and the princess's body, our favorite non-magical, FBI Agent Jack Ramsey called one of our best and brightest Annie Pearce for a consultation, believing that this poor non-magical was murdered with magic.

Without a cause of death and any evidence at the crime scene, Annie Pearce, Cham Chamsky, John Gibbs and Spencer Ray concluded that Princess Amelie was indeed murdered with magic.
The princess had been in the country in an effort to soothe relations with America over an unfortunate incident that happened three years ago. A warm relationship once existed between the United States and Amborix until the death of a female hiker in the mountains of Amborix. Leo Smith and Carly Fishman, Americans traveling through Europe had planned a hiking in the mountains surrounding Amborix. They were reported missing when they didn't return to their tour group at the appointed hour. Smith was discovered alive three days later. Dehydrated and tired, he wept as he gave the location of his girlfriend, dead from an apparent fall.

The investigation lasted less than a day and ended with the arrest of Leo Smith for Carly's murder. It outraged the American government, who claimed there was insufficient evidence and tried in vain to secure the hiker's release. After several heated exchanges between the two countries, and the refusal of the Maxillian family to become involved, Smith was sent to prison where he will remain until he is a very old man. Without a peaceful resolution, the leaders of the two countries were very rarely seen together, and when they are civility is very rare.

It was Amelie who suggested this trip, and both sides agreed to arrange it in hopes that it would begin to heal the relationship...

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Golden Athame Is Missing!

Ringing out in the early morning was the discovery that the prized and most sacred wizard artifact, The Golden Athame has gone missing. Employees at Wizard Hall are up in arms regarding this latest news.

The Golden Athame was created in the 1670s after the Battle of Chekagou; a battle fought between two factions of wizards and witches in America in 1679. When the hard fought battle had finally concluded, the winning side secured its power and took the Golden Athame as a spoil of war. It had since been a powerful symbol of freedom for the magical community and had been passed down through the generations

This lovely athame was forged from etched wizard gold. Today it is only used in formal wizard ceremonies. It has been an important part of the Wizard Council since it's founding.

Cyril B. Stonewell, curator of Artifact Hall, the keeper of our wizarding treasures, vehemently denies that this was an inside job. "I blame the Wizard Council for all of their cost cutting measures that have recently been instituted. If it wasn't for them and their new laws, I'd have the money I needed to ensure that our wizard heritage remained safe."

So there it is, our most cherished treasure missing.